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X-Epil epilation step by step

X-Epil depilations for extra sensitive skin

8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

One of the most effective hair removal methods: waxing

X-epil intimo initm higiénia

The essential intimate hygiene

Shave your armpits professionally!

Disposable VS refillable razor – Which one should i choose?<


That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!

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X-Epil epilation step by step

By the coming autumn our light cloths are waiting for the next summer deep-lying in the cupboard, because our wardrobe will be replaced with warmer outfits.

In this period of time the depilation always raises a big question, because by this time, habits change:

  • there are ones who want to be hairless and smooth in spite of wearing long dresses.
  • or some of them start neglecting depilation. BUT this version is a big mistake! On the one hand, because the epilation nowadays is important part of the everyday hygiene, and the on the other hand, if we started the epilation on spring and hung it up through autumn and winter, then the rarefied hair became thick again and this is not a nice sight.

Depilation step by step

In spite of the different depilation habits, the most important is that it should be done efficiently and properly, because the fine and healthy skin can be reached just this way. This is possible just when we follow the steps of depilation.

Our X-Epil products make possible a full epilation to do at home and we show it step by step.

Let’s see the right sequence and how it can be done efficiently:

1.Preparing the skin for hair removal:

The new X-Epil liquid powder helps keeping the skin moistness and preserve the skin from extreme dryness. This is important because the healthy, well hydrated skin will not be painfully sore and sycosis.

2. Hair Removal

In our wide range of products, you will definitely find a hair removal method that suits you best, whether it's hot wax or cold wax strips, razor, sugar paste, epilator, or hair removal cream products. Preparing the skin is important for all types of hair removal methods, but the new X-Epil liquid powder is recommended for wax-based solutions.

3. Removal of Wax Residue:

If you have chosen waxing, we recommend using X-Epil Post-Waxing Cleansing Oil, which provides an immediate solution for the effective and gentle removal of wax residue left on the skin while moisturizing and soothing the waxed area. 

4. Skin Soothing:

As the final step in caring for your clean skin surface, we recommend using X-Epil Post-Hair Removal Soothing Gel, which helps reduce post-hair removal skin irritation and promotes faster skin regeneration. Its ingredients soothe and moisturize the skin surface. It can be used for all skin types.

Make hair removal an enjoyable experience, just like a facial care! 😃

X-Epil depilations for extra sensitive skin

Depilations can cause continuous intriguing, particularly in the summer months because we would like to handle the disturbing hairy parts as soon as possible. But what is when we cannot use all kind of hair removing system because we have extra sensitive skin?

Is there a solution for depilating sensitive skin?

Our answer is: YES!

There are cosmetics firms which created that kind of products for special needs of the skin with ingredients that made possible to use for extra sensitive skin. X-Epil is that kind of product.

Enjoy depilation smoothly without problems.

We collected our products you can use to make depilation gentle and efficient.


Waxing is one of the most efficient system which can result smooth skin for 3-4 weeks.

There is an immensely simple way for waxing. Unbelievably easy and quick with the X-Epil ready for use gel wax bands for depilation. Using this you do not need any other additional and it is not even to to be warmed up.

Az X-Epil Használatra kész hipoallergén gélgyantacsíkok arcra- és testre termékek, különösen alkalmasak az érzékeny bőrfelületek gyantázásra. Színezék anyag mentes, illatanyaga nem tartalmaz allergén komponenseket, ezáltal minimálisra csökkentve az allergiás reakció kialakulását.


Az X-Epil cukorpaszta hatékony és kíméletes módszer, összetevői kizárólag természetes anyagok, melyek nem irritáljál és terhelik a bőrt. Semmilyen kémiai-, illat- vagy színezőanyagot nem tartalmaz. Egy igazi mindenmentes szőrtelenítési élményt biztosít, több hétig tartó simasággal.

Szőrtelenítő krém

Jó hír, hogy van még olyan szőrtelenítési módszer a borotván kívül, amely fájdalommentes! Ez nem más, mint: az X-Epil szőrtelenítő krém! Az érzékeny bőr lágy szőrtelenítője, amely a legmakacsabb szőrszálakat is pár perc alatt eltávolítja. Értékes összetevőivel, mint az aloe vera, E-vitamin és kamilla, megnyugtatja és védi a bőrt.

Hatékony, kíméletes és gyors megoldás a selymes bőrért, kompromisszumok nélkül: X-Epil!

8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

X-Epil received Superbrands award for the 8th time

The Superbrands program was established by Brand Council in England in 1995. Today this qualifying system works in 90 countries all over the world. The award first appeared in Hungary in 2004.

The successful programme provides guidance for the general public and recognition for the award winner.

The reward system works as follows:

In the first round, Superbrands will use Hungary's public data to filter out the consumer brands that are eligible for the award.  This pre-screening list will be supplemented by a rigorous, proprietary online survey and other data collection.

During the pre-screening process, the research team takes into account the brand's communication and branding practices, activity, presence, positive or negative information about its image in Hungary, which are used to compile a list of brands for the Expert Committee members to evaluate.

After filtering, the Superbrands list is compiled and categorised according to the NACE code of the activity or service behind the brand.

The jury members who make the final decision take into account the brand's tradition, history, market presence, public awareness, conscious innovation, brand strategy and brand building practices.

After reviewing and voting on these, we were honoured to win our 8th Superbrands Award with X-Epil.

We are proud!

The secret of the X-Epil brand's success is its wide range, reliable high quality and great value for money. The best proof of the brand's value is that it has been successful in several categories for more than 20 years in the hair removal market. In addition to hair removal products, X-Epil Intimate Hygiene products and X-Epil Pregnancy Tests are among the best-selling products in their category.

Varga Mariann the brand manager of X-Epil made a statement to Superbrands:

"I joined Alveola in 2000 and in the more than 20 years since then I have tried almost every X-Epil product without exception and have become an expert in hair removal.

The success of X-Epil lies in its wide range of products and the fact that it offers a solution for all types of hair removal procedures. I myself use a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted hair.

Our continuous development and stability are also due to our well-established partnerships, without it, our products would not reach the consumers. "

One of the most effective hair removal methods: waxing

With the summer season approaching, the idea of which hair removal method to choose can become more of a headache, as this is the time of year when comfortable, lightweight clothes, shorts, skirts and the accompanying smooth, silky legs come to the fore.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several hair removal techniques to choose from: disposable and reusable razors, sugar paste, IPL, laser and permanent hair removal devices, epilators, hair removal cream or wax. In this blog article you can read about the latter.

One of the most effective hair removal methods: waxing

While waxing may not be associated with pleasant and painless hair removal, it is one of the most effective methods available. It's a procedure that removes body hair at the root, leaving you hair-free for up to 3-4 weeks. In addition, by using this technique continuously, you can achieve softer and thinner hairs. Another advantage of waxing is that you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home, without a professional. Thanks to the high quality products on the market.

Waxing kits in your home

Luckily, now you can buy waxing kits that include everything you may need to wax at home. We recommend the X-Epil waxing kits, which are ergonomically designed to make hair removal easy and simple. The wax cartridge does not need to be removed from the device when waxing, protecting your hands from hot cartridges and keeping the wax in the cartridge warm for longer.

Novelties: ready-to-use gel wax strips

Did you ever think that waxing could be even better with an easier hair removal method? If the answer is no, get to know X-Epil ready-to-use gel wax strips!

With X-Epil's new ready-to-use gel wax strips, you can get silky soft skin on any part of your body without compromise: hypoallergenic versions developed for normal and sensitive skins are available for face, body and bikini line/armpit. They are incredibly easy to use: no other tools are needed, just dexterity and some practice. Of course, don't be scared if you're a beginner at waxing! Trust me, you'll get the hang of it in no time! Click on the products to read about their exact use.

X-epil intimo initm higiénia

The essential intimate hygiene

Fortunately, attention to our daily facial care routine has become very popular these days, so more and more of us are looking to buy effective cosmetics to achieve the desired results.

But do we care that much about other areas?

Intimate hygiene is a particular part of women's grooming. The intimate area is as sensitive as the face. For many of us it is an unpleasant topic, but it is very important to pay attention to keeping our intimate areas clean and well-groomed. Failure to do can generate a number of women's problems such as inflammation, prolonged bacterial or fungal infections. To help protect intimate areas from infection, incorporate the use of intimate wipes, intimate wash gel and intimate moisturising gel into a daily intimate care routine.

For prevention, it's also good to be aware of the following:

  • wear appropriate underwear/lingerie,
  • use pads and tampons carefully during menstruation,
  • avoid excessive soap cleansing in intimate areas,
  • use intimate wipes in public places, beaches and swimming pools
  • use an intimate toilet gel for daily cleansing,
  • after cleansing, use intimate gel with lactic and hyaluronic acid to replenish the moisture content of sensitive external intimate skin areas and to protect it against dryness and injuries.

Why is this important?

A normal acidic pH in the vagina is essential to protect the intimate area, it is what prevents pathogens from colonising and causing vaginal infections.

The correct pH is usually between 3.8 and 4.5. This is the level that protects against infection, as most pathogens cannot multiply in this medium.

When choosing the right intimate hygiene product, it should be a skin-friendly, non-irritating product, as this is a particularly sensitive area.

X-Epil Intimo intimate hygiene cosmetics are dermatologically proven skin-friendly products. They cleanse, soothe and care for intimate areas in a skin-friendly way, while helping to restore the desired acidic pH, contributing to normal intimate hygiene

In case of gynaecological problems, consult your gynaecologist immediately.

Shave your armpits professionally!

Shaving your armpits can seem like nothing - which is why you might not even think that it can be done wrong! Underarms can be particularly prone to irritation, hair growth and inflammation. Now we're going to tell you how to shave your armpits to avoid all of these!

Moisturize and cleanse your skin

It can be tempting to quickly "hit" your underarms without water or any preparation because of the small size of the area. However, to protect yourself, we recommend to soak that area for a few minutes in the shower or bath before shaving to help remove hair more easily.

Washing the area will also help to avoid deodorant and sweat residues, which can clog the razor blade and increase the risk of infection in smaller cuts.

Do not use a razor with a blunt blade

If you feel like the blade of your razor is pulling hairs or leaving a rough feeling on your skin, it's time to replace it if you want to avoid irritation.

Use shaving cream

Remember that the underarms are a sensitive area: using shaving cream/gel will help the razor glide more easily, preventing discomfort.

Calm the skin

Once you're done removing hair, it's important to keep your skin moisturized and use substances that calm it. After gently towel dry, use X-Epil calming gel.

Wait before using deodorant

If you use deodorant immediately after shaving, you may experience some discomfort. If you have the chance, we recommend waiting a while before applying antiperspirant.

Thank you for your attention! By clicking here, you can check all X-Epil products!

Disposable VS refillable razor – Which one should i choose?<

You've probably heard that there are disposable and refillable razors, and maybe you've even used one. But have you ever wondered what exactly the difference is between them? Find out so you can decide which is the best choice for you, when and where!

When to use a disposable razor?

Disposable razors can be used for a limited period of time - usually up to three to ten shaves. The clearest indicator that a razor needs replacing is when the blades become dull. When this is reached, simply discard the entire razor and replace it.

Because of this limited use, disposable razors are best suited for travel and to have on hand for guests. It is also the safest option for infectious skin diseases. There are now triple-blade versions with a similar design to the reusable razors, with a comfortable grip, which provide the same precise hair removal without irritation or cuts.

When should you use a refillable razor?

The main differentiator of refillable razors is the replaceable head - if the blades become dull, pull the hair or feel rough on your skin, you can just take the head off and replace it.

Refillable razors are a great choice any time - which head you use depends on individual preference. For those with sensitive skin, heads with a strip infused with various active ingredients, such as vitamin E and aloe vera, offer a comfortable solution.

Also, using such a shaving head is better for the environment as you get rid of less plastic.

All in all, whichever type you choose, you're sure to achieve your desired hair removal goal with good quality products that are right for your purposes.

Which one do you swear by?

Thank you for your attention! By clicking here, you can check all X-Epil products!


That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!

Are you one of those people who put their razors away a little more or neglect waxing a little more as the cooler, autumn days approach? Now that we're no longer "threatened" by shorts time, we know it's tempting to cover our legs with long leggings instead, saving the time and occasional pain of depilation. And during the quarantine periods due to the pandemic, there's also been a proven increase in the number of women who have made these rituals less frequent.

And while of course, hair removal is everyone's own choice, if you're one of those who feel most comfortable with smooth skin, we've got some reasons why you shouldn't neglect it and how to do it right after the summer's over!

If you prefer waxing

The autumn/winter season is actually one of the best times to wax. When waxing, you want to get rid of all the hairs, and the easiest time to do this is during the first stage of hair growth, not the last, when potential new hairs are already growing under the skin. And in the summer, we try to be smooth all the time, so it's hard to wait. If you wax every 3-4 weeks or so, you can expect a much longer-lasting result.

And don't forget that after autumn, Christmas and festive season is just around the corner, so it's a good idea to prepare well in advance if you want to show off perfectly smooth legs in casual clothes.

And while we know it can still be hard to bring yourself to think about the pain of waxing, it's good to remember that the more regularly you wax, the less discomfort you can expect gradually.

If you prefer to leave the shaving to your razor

If for no other reason, it's worth shaving in the cold just to experience the wonderful feeling of fresh linen - freshly shaved legs. It's a little harder to do this time of year, though, because as autumn sets in, skin is more prone to drying out and chapping - but if you make some changes, you can enjoy the fluffy-softness just as much!

Firstly - and this will be the hardest step to stick to - this time it's best to skip a long bath before shaving - as this increases the chance of irritation. Better to include a long shower before shaving to soften the hair follicles with the warm steam.

The next rule may come as a surprise, but it's especially important not to skip exfoliation. This won't dry out the skin any more, but it will help the cells to regenerate, leaving a soft, shiny surface.

Finally, a good tip if you want to spend less time shaving: do it in the evening, not in the morning before work. This is because your legs swell slightly while you sleep, so in the morning the hairs will "climb back" into the follicles. This makes your hair removal less thorough, which can lead to more shaving than necessary.

How do you depilate in the colder seasons?

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X-Epil epilation step by step

X-Epil depilations for extra sensitive skin

8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

One of the most effective hair removal methods: waxing

X-epil intimo initm higiénia

The essential intimate hygiene

Shave your armpits professionally!

Disposable VS refillable razor – Which one should i choose?<


That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!

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X-Epil epilation step by step

X-Epil depilations for extra sensitive skin

8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

One of the most effective hair removal methods: waxing

X-epil intimo initm higiénia

The essential intimate hygiene

Shave your armpits professionally!

Disposable VS refillable razor – Which one should i choose?<


That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!

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