Formatting bikini line with X-Epil products

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Formatting bikini line with X-Epil products

Depilating bikini line is a big challenge for lot of women. X-Epil products offer different solutions for handling this problem.

During summertime when there is the bathing and swimming season it is the correct thing to keep bikini line in order, particularly because this is the base of neatness and part of cosmetology.

Depilating intimate parts of body is a sensitive job, so it is important to spare enough time and calm circumstances to do it.

There are different kind of methods for making smooth your most sensitive part of your skin, X-Epil tips are follow:

X-Epil ready for use wax bands for armpits and bikini lines

It is practical, because it needs no additional tool, the wax is right on the band.

Quick, because after some minutes of warming up it can be smooth on the skin and pull down for a sudden movement.

Efficient because the wax tale out the hair with roots, which cause smooth skin for weeks.

Hygienic because after use it has to be thrown out and the oily wipes help removing efficiently the remained wax.

X-Epil disposable lady’s razor with 3 blades, flexible head

Using this is simple, quick and painless. It has rubberized ergonomic haft which made comfortable use possible. The 3 blades, flexible head easily follow the body lines, so it can be reached the most covert parts of body. It contains strips of Aloe and vitamin E creams for lessening the skin irritation. Important: never use razor on dry skin! The best is doing epilation during showering for which we offer the X-Epil intimate washing.