Intimate hygiene in different age periods

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Intimate hygiene in different age periods

Intimate hygine is a sensitive topic, just a few information can be found about it, and it is almost never came out in personal talk, but in spite os this it is very important to keep this area healthy for all women.

We share some basic information about it dividing different parts of ages.


In puberty the endocrine system change, starts grown up period. In this time necessary to start the use of intimate toilet preparations. Choose the tender wash which same pH of vagina and use once per day just outside. Pay attention that it supposed to be fragrance free not to create extra irritation. Sanitary pad supposed to be fragrance free also.

The X-Epil Intimo intimate wash gel is excellent choice for natural protection.

In this age preferable to pay attention keeping permanent freshness. We offer the intimate wipes which keep the sensitive area fresh and the pH rate optimal.


During pregnancy need to pay more attention for intimate hygiene because of the sensitivity increasing and there is bigger possibility for infection.

Advised having shover once, maximum twice a day by neutral pH wash. If during the day feels necessary for freshen up, use the intimate wipes which safely can be used.

The X-Epil intimate wipes because of their practical size, necessary part of a lady’s purse.

In the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy not advised to have sitting bath and later just in mild temperature water.

Important to know that vaginal douche is forbidden through pregnancy.


Intimate hygiene and keeping pH balance in menopause is important, not because of feeling comfortable, but because of preventing infections. Advised to use hydrating wash for handling  vagina dryness.