Misconceptions about depilation

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Misconceptions about depilation

Depilation is central issue for most of women, we can make selection from more and more methods, but in spite of this there are lots of false data about it. We would like to clear some of them.

After shaving more hair will grow

This is the most prevalent misconception about shaving but calm down, there is no reality content in it. We have a certain amount of hair follicle so by shaving there will not be more. The end of hair is thinner, lighter color the blade cut it halfway and after it looks darker and thicker. This is the source of the misconception.

By final depilation we get rid of hair forever

There is no final depilation. Laser and flashlight method last just for some years and after we have to repeat the procedure.

Hair ingrowth happen just rarely

When we make proper depilation (e.g. when waxing we pull down the strip opposite the growing direction) we can decrease risk of the hair ingrowth, but usually this is mostly comes by genes.

Waxing comes with unbearable pain

Lot of people are afraid to try waxing because of this misconception. That is true that this is the most unpleasant method and some of the first few handling can be painful, but afterward it is easy to be used to it. People who have low pain threshold advised to choose different method.

Epilator is less painful than waxing

This statement is not true. The epilator takes out the hair with roots the same way as the waxing so it is not less painful. Nowadays are exist epilators with cooling cartridge or usable under water even with double head, using these the procedure will be more bearable.