What kind of pregnancy test should I choose?

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What kind of pregnancy test should I choose?

The choice of the pregnancy tests are increased in the last years. But in this important subject we have to be very thorough, careful to pick a reliable, qualitative product.

Here we give some direction regarding the questions about tests, to help reaching the best result. „A woman can do anything for two things: to have a baby or not to have a baby” Anonym

There is one day in the female cycle when there is the biggest chance to get pregnant. This is an approximate 24 hrs so called ovulation. During this process if an oocyte meets a sperm pregnancy comes into existence. The following 7-8. day the organism starts to generate a very important hormone called BHCG. This Beta Human Chorialis Gonadotropin hormone created by the placenta and it can be detected in the blood and urine on 10-12. day. This hormone is doubled in every one and half day in the body and when it reach a certain amount it can be detected by a home pregnancy test. Let’s see that certain amount.  4 kind of sensitivity tests are available: 10 mIU/ml, 20 mIU/ml, 25 mIU/ml és 50 mIU/ml. These rates show how concentrated the hormone. The lowest concentrated the most sensitive. Nowadays is very important to know about being pregnant because this way easier recognize any illnesses or extrauterine pregnancy. Not to mention that how important to know as soon as possible for a woman whether she is pregnant or not.        

So, what sensitivity should I choose? – comes up the question in lot of woman’s mind when they are standing in the drugstore. The most sensitive is the 10 mIU/ml, but there are things which can affect to the result or it can show an early wrong ended conception if the menses came later.

The 20 m IU/ml not too common, neither the 50 mIU/ml, additionally this gives dependable result after much longer time. Doctors advise the 25 mIU/ml test. This means that the test can be done the first day of the expected/not expected menses. The X-Epil pregnancy tests safely shows the HCG concentration above 25mIU/ml. When should you do the test? The HGC hormone can be detected after the 10-12 day of conception from blood or urinate. It worth to make the test for the curious and for the high medical risk. When there is no this king of motivation, then it supposed to wait for the first day of the expected menses and do the test then.

The one step test is very simple. Have to pee and pregnancy will be detected. It should be read the information all the time because the 2 stripes not always mean pregnancy. There are different kind of tests: stripe, cassette or pen. The stripe has to be dip into pee, to the cassette have to drip, the pen have to put under the urinate flow. The procedure is very simple, open the test, collect pee into a glass, put the test into it and wait for the result.

Whatever result was expected, after the pregnancy test is positive you should go to the gynecologist doctor for having real proof of the pregnancy and for the health of the pregnant woman which is very important.