About Us

History of brand

Tamás Szóráth, founder of Alveola Ltd. produced X-Epil brand in 1993. This year it has got 8th time the Superbrands prize.

X-Epil offered first the possibility for Ladies to make depilation at home on professional level. He created the first waxing system can be used at home easily, hygienically as it is done by a cosmetics salon.

The X-Epil has nowadays the widest products palette Brand on depilating area. It offers all kind of depilating systems for all ages, even for men. It wants to be trend dictating and innovative. We can say that in Hungary X-Epil is the first in the epilation and waxing category regarding the sell of pieces of the products.

The products

There are more than 30 kind of X-Epil epilating products give possibility for everyone to find the most appropriate solution for get rid of unwanted hair at home. From the palette of products, we can choose among different kind of disposable razors, epilating creams, cold and warm waxing products or methods, moreover the after epilating products are also important parts of the offerings such as skincare and supplements.

One of the hit product of the X-Epil epilation family is continuously the at home using developed waxing appliance to which all supplement can be bought one by one.
The X-Epil epilation creams and use ready waxing stripes are favorites, and the X-Epil disposable female razors in which the brand increase its market part in this category as well.
At the end of 2007. the X-Epil series get the X-Epil Intimo product, and not much later the X-Epil pregnancy tests were put on the palette.

Today the original X-Epil Intimo series increased with the Sensitive family products, which settlements help creating and keeping the female intimate balance for ladies in the everyday life.

Slogan of the brand: X-Epil quality, X-Epil reliability in every female issue.


The Alveola new manufacturer factory since January 2020. is one of the most modern cosmetics factories in Hungary started to work in Dunakeszi. Its 5000 square meters factory and warehouse and technological options unquestionably belong to the frontline of Europe and cope to any Western manufacturer similar industrial products. The purpose of formation of factory was creating a pharmaceutical production condition without compromises. The production, packaging, and quality control, developing and microbiological labors are in full closed space.

The Alveola Kft. as one of the most determining firm in the domestic market with the help of its strong professional background continuously develop and present new, high quality products either on the professional or the residential market.
In all cases the developments happen with the consideration of the needs of market, paying attention for the actual trends.
The X-Epil new product developments are in final section and some parts will be introduced this year.

Value of brand

The secret of the X-Epil brand is the wide choice, dependable high quality and good price-value ratio. Its stableness based upon the satisfaction of buyers, and satisfy the most varied demands. This is proven by the number of sold products.

The proof of the brand value is that more than 20 years being on the epilation market the X-Epil Intimo products are the most needed intimate hygiene supplements, and the X-Epil pregnancy tests are the most sold tests among all distributor.


In the last years the first communications channel was online and the social media. The X-Epil brand is communicated in 360 degree, for building and sustaining the brand they use ATL and BTL communication devices.

X-Epil buyers are open for novelties, keep up with new trends and active parts of the communications of the brand, prize competitions.
It is important to be put on eye-catching presentations on the selling points intensifying it with second placement products.


The X-Epil brand won 6th times the Superbrand honorable recognition this year.
Winning the Superbrands prize means not just professional recognition for the brand but symbolize a high quality trademark which well known for the public and can determine, affect the customers habits.
Recognitions of the firm and brand:

  • Business and Success Qualified Enterprise prize
  • Bussiness Superbrands prize
  • Hungarian Brands recognition in Excellent Consumer Brand
  • Hungarian Products Grand Prix
  • Products of the Year prize
  • Glammies prize


The X-Epil brand established by Aveola Kft. next to his own staff employs people reduced capacity to work and students in its Dunakeszi logistic center.
Count on its staff for long term and provides them comfortable working environment.
During production and operation they pay attention about protecting environment and make strong accent of the selective waste and recycling.
The firm supports children foundation, Hungarian sports events, and charity sport events with the participation of the staff.


1996: X-Epil brand starts as the first own brand products family of Alveola firm
1997:The waxing method and supplements of X-Epil entered into Skála and Centrum department stores
1998: X-Epil waxing method entered into Keravill countywide network of stores
2003: X-Epil appears in drudgery network
2007: X-Epil Intimo products family come into being
2009: X-Epil pregnancy tests introduction
2011: X-Epil disposable razors enter into market
2014: X-Epil Sensation epilator made the whole epilating method full assortment
2017: X-Epil Intimo and pregnancy tests series packaging renew
2018: X-Epil brand 20th birthday celebration
2020: X-Epil Intimo productions in the new hightech factory


• 25 years in the depilation segment
•100 % Hungarian ownership
• first domestic waxing method created
• sales increasing 2 digits in every year
• more than 2 million pieces X-Epil products sold by years


„I joined to Aveola in 2000. and I tried all products of X-Epil through the more than 20 years and I became professional in epilation. The success of X-Epil is its wide palette of products and it gives solution to all kind of epilation methods. I myself apply different kind of methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Thank to our continuous developing and stability our relationships with partners are very well, without them our products could not reach consumers.”
Varga Mariann – X-Epil products manager 

„ I am dealing with products developing and documenting for more than 13 years. At developing new products and renew formulas the first aspect is to find that kind of substances which is effective, tolerant by the skin and save. The X-Epil Intimo intimate wash gel product was one of the first which started to be produced in our own factory. Today these products are made in the Dunakeszi factory in high quality with modern machines and 21th century technology. All our manufactured step can be checked, producing cosmetics with the right method (GMP) satisfying the rules about quality.”
Csordásné dr. Rónyai Erika – Research and Development Director