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    My problem is that from the earlier epilator my legs became bruised and I had inflammation of hair follicle. I used waxing lately by myself and it became worse. I cannot wear skirt. There are lot of inflammation of hair follicle and ingrowth. What should I do?

    Letti 25 years old

    Rub your skin twice per week. Waxing will lessen ingrowth for long term but combine it with rubbing and it will help. Use inflammation handling product like X-Epil SOS preventing ingrowth liquid.

    I am 13 years old and the growing hair on my legs disturb me a lot. Regarding my Mom I should not start to handle it because from shaving it will be stronger and from waxing it can be ignited. She advised epilator or epilating cream but just from ma 15-16 year age. She said I should ask a professional about advise.

    Mary 13 years old

    There is no difference between epilating cream or shaving, they remove hair from skin surface. Effect of epilator or waxing are almost the same. Difference is just that by using epilator it can cause inflammation of hair follicle and ingrowth. So, I advise waxing.

    What is your opinion about that kind of wax cartridges which can be warmed up, smooth on skin and tear down with paper stripes? I saw that wax cartridges are with different ingredients. I would like to try it at home. My skin cannot stand shaving. When my skin is spotted, what will happen if I use it?

    Kate 37 years old

    Wax cartridge can be used for legs and arm, but we do not advised using it for armpits or bikini lines. You may use it from spotted skin but afterward handle your skin with Original Alveola Aloe Vera spray.

    I use warm waxing for my mildly varicose vein legs for 10 years. I did not have any problem until this time. Now I bought a warm waxing device and my legs became blue-purple spotted, bruised. What did I do wrong?

    Melissa 45 years old

    Likely the bruises not came out by your varicose vein, but the wax was pulled down too strongly. Try to di it with smaller stripes and strain the skin where pull down the wax.

    After waxing my legs are sticky. How I can change it?

    Erika 19 years old

    X-Epil After Waxing wash down oil perfectly clean your skin and hydrate it.