Why intimatehygiene is important?

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Why intimatehygiene is important?

Unfortunately, communication connecting intimate areas are hard tackle for women, or taboo for most of them. With this closing up and the lot of false and contradicted data about this theme results that we had finally dangerous knowledge about the object. Avoiding this, we have to get the information from authentic, professional source or specialist about the intimate hygiene and preservation of our health.

We would like to help disappearing the question marks and increasing the safe, self-conscious intimate hygiene habits. Everybody know that the daily intimate hygiene is important, but not everybody knows how and why it should be done. Preserving the vagina flora balance is necessary to keep health. When this balance is fall over, then infections and inflammations turn up.

In the vagina there are lots of different bacteria. The most important is the lactobacteria or lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria create the acid chemical reaction. This blocks the increasing of harmful bacteria in the vagina. Otherwise infections and inflammations can happen.

The optimal pH rate of vagina is between 3,8-4,5 against the skin pH rate which is 5,5. So, we have to pay attention that the usual soaps and shower gels can make falling apart the body natural resistance against unwanted bacteria and cause illnesses. The normal acid chemical can be disturbed by other things also. Eg.: stress, menses cycle, bad nutrition, or by antibiotics. In these times is advisable more attention for restore the normal pH between 3,8-4,5 by using the appropriate wash gel. So, we have to make a careful choice about the intimate wash products with appropriate pH rate which satisfy all the necessary criteria and made by natural ingredients.

The X-Epil Intimo family wash gel is a convenient choice for the daily hygiene rutin. Its ingredients help keeping the normal pH rate, and if it is fall over, restore it. Prevent the skin irritation by the calming camomile and mauve components.

You can use daily the X-Epil wash gel because it was created for the save and regular use and it gives natural protection together with our good bacteria.

Why wipes helpful?

The acid chemistry in our body not exist just in the intimate areas. The whole skin surface is acid, 5,5 pH. This is controlled by sweat glandule (ekrin) which is very important part of the function of organization. There is an other kind of sweat glandule (apokrin) which is less in body and they are around the genitals and bends. The sweat in these parts are alkaline 7pH and does not resist the pathogenic germs and bacteria. In these areas easily can settle bad bacteria and can cause infections. If we cannot pay attention, or cannot keep proper hygiene or we use inappropriate underwear, our pH balance can fall over and unwanted results can happen.

So, practical to pay attention for the permanent freshness and cleanness in these areas, wear comfortable cotton underwear, for the skin breathing and this way we can prevent the potentially negative effects. We offer for this the X-Epil Intimo intimate wipes which helps preserve the optimal pH rate of your skin and give continuous freshness and quick cleanness, not to mention that it can fit into your handbag to be at your hand all the time. Exceptionally useful for travelling, or during a long day we can easily get rid of the unwanted, unpleasant alkaline sweat. These wipes are tenderly care, with chamomile component calm the skin and keep it fresh and clean. Cleanness and protection always at hand!

So, it is important the daily thorough hygiene, the everyday routine intimate body wash and we should pay attention that this happens with the most appropriate products otherwise we just harm ourselves.

If we keep it in the eye we can maximize our self protection and natural health, preventing infections, bad bacteria and illnesses with most unpleasant symptoms.