Novelties: X-Epil Premium Ready to Use gel wax strips

X-epil használatra kész prémium gélgyantacsÍk

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Novelties: X-Epil Premium Ready to Use gel wax strips

Waxing is undoubtedly one of the most effective and definitive methods of hair removal. However, everyone knows the inconvenience: it’s very cumbersome, as the wax strips have to be heated, so it can’t be done just anywhere, and if you make a mistake, it’s difficult to get rid of the excess. These problems are eliminated with X-Epil’s brand new premium ready to use gel wax strips, which will be your favourite even if you’ve been shying away from waxing! Find out and get them on the shelves of dm/Rossmann drugstores yourself!

Gel wax – Why is it good?

With X-Epil’s new premium ready-to-use gel resin strips, you can get silky soft skin on any part of your body without compromise: normal and hypoallergenic versions for sensitive skin are available for face, body and bikini line/underarms.

A special soft gel wax is applied to the strips, making waxing easier and more comfortable than ever. How? The resin strips do not need to be rubbed or heated to separate, so you can use them to remove hair virtually anywhere, anytime. You don’t need any other tools to use them – just a bit of manual dexterity and practice. Of course, don’t be put off if you’re a beginner: they’re incredibly easy to use and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

The box also includes two oil wipes to easily remove any wax residues, and their ingredients help to calm the skin. The end result? Soft, fruity scent skin for up to 28 days!

How to use?

Make sure the skin is completely clean and dry, remove grease before application. Before waxing use talcum powder to absorb moisture and make sure the hairs are at least 2-3 mm long.

  • Gently peel the strips apart.
  • Place a strip on your skin and rub repeatedly in the direction of hair growth. 
  • Hold skin taut and pull strip back on itself with a fast, definite movement close to the skin.
  • To remove wax residues use X-Epil After waxing cleansing oily wipes, which are included in the box.

So you can just pop out the premium ready to use gel wax strips from X-Epil and enjoy perfect smoothness for up to 28 days – it sounds great, right?

Click HERE to get it in our webshop or look for it on the shelves of dm/Rossmann drugstores!