Shave your armpits professionally!

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Shave your armpits professionally!

Shaving your armpits can seem like nothing – which is why you might not even think that it can be done wrong! Underarms can be particularly prone to irritation, hair growth and inflammation. Now we’re going to tell you how to shave your armpits to avoid all of these!

Moisturize and cleanse your skin

It can be tempting to quickly “hit” your underarms without water or any preparation because of the small size of the area. However, to protect yourself, we recommend to soak that area for a few minutes in the shower or bath before shaving to help remove hair more easily.

Washing the area will also help to avoid deodorant and sweat residues, which can clog the razor blade and increase the risk of infection in smaller cuts.

Do not use a razor with a blunt blade

If you feel like the blade of your razor is pulling hairs or leaving a rough feeling on your skin, it’s time to replace it if you want to avoid irritation.

Use shaving cream

Remember that the underarms are a sensitive area: using shaving cream/gel will help the razor glide more easily, preventing discomfort.

Calm the skin

Once you’re done removing hair, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized and use substances that calm it. After gently towel dry, use X-Epil calming gel.

Wait before using deodorant

If you use deodorant immediately after shaving, you may experience some discomfort. If you have the chance, we recommend waiting a while before applying antiperspirant.

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