Quick solutions by X-Epil

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Quick solutions by X-Epil

Opinions are divided regarding epilation technics but it is fact that one of the quickest, simplest  and most popular way is shave. Almost all young girls started this in their teen age, because it needs just a few minutes to get rid of unwanted hair.

X-Epil offers you different kind of disposable razors from which can be chosen the most preferable solution either it is 2 or 3 blades or with flexible head.

Tips for those preferring quick solutions

  • before shaving, it should have peeled the skin for cleaning it and make it softer.
  • never shave dry skin, it is the best to shave when shower
  • use the X-Epil intimo intimate wash gel
  • it worth to buy razor with cream strip, all X-Epil razors are like that it can be shaved the same direction as the hair grows, the head of the razor lay on the skin surface
  • never use blunt razor, it can cause cut on the skin easily and cannot guarantee the perfect result
  • blades have to be cleaned properly after every use
  • X-Epil calming gel should be used after shave
  • avoiding infection one razor supposed to be used just one person
  • it is worth to shave at the evening to let the skin regenerate through the night