X-Epil epilation step by step

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X-Epil epilation step by step

By the coming autumn our light cloths are waiting for the next summer deep-lying in the cupboard, because our wardrobe will be replaced with warmer outfits.

In this period of time the depilation always raises a big question, because by this time, habits change:

  • there are ones who want to be hairless and smooth in spite of wearing long dresses.
  • or some of them start neglecting depilation. BUT this version is a big mistake! On the one hand, because the epilation nowadays is important part of the everyday hygiene, and the on the other hand, if we started the epilation on spring and hung it up through autumn and winter, then the rarefied hair became thick again and this is not a nice sight.

Depilation step by step

In spite of the different depilation habits, the most important is that it should be done efficiently and properly, because the fine and healthy skin can be reached just this way. This is possible just when we follow the steps of depilation.

Our X-Epil products make possible a full epilation to do at home and we show it step by step.

Let’s see the right sequence and how it can be done efficiently:

1.Preparing the skin for hair removal:

The new X-Epil liquid powder helps keeping the skin moistness and preserve the skin from extreme dryness. This is important because the healthy, well hydrated skin will not be painfully sore and sycosis.

2. Hair Removal

In our wide range of products, you will definitely find a hair removal method that suits you best, whether it’s hot wax or cold wax strips, razor, sugar paste, epilator, or hair removal cream products. Preparing the skin is important for all types of hair removal methods, but the new X-Epil liquid powder is recommended for wax-based solutions.

3. Removal of Wax Residue:

If you have chosen waxing, we recommend using X-Epil Post-Waxing Cleansing Oil, which provides an immediate solution for the effective and gentle removal of wax residue left on the skin while moisturizing and soothing the waxed area. 

4. Skin Soothing:

As the final step in caring for your clean skin surface, we recommend using X-Epil Post-Hair Removal Soothing Gel, which helps reduce post-hair removal skin irritation and promotes faster skin regeneration. Its ingredients soothe and moisturize the skin surface. It can be used for all skin types.

Make hair removal an enjoyable experience, just like a facial care! 😃