That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!


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That’s why you shouldn’t stop hair removal in autumn – Rather do this way!

Are you one of those people who put their razors away a little more or neglect waxing a little more as the cooler, autumn days approach? Now that we’re no longer “threatened” by shorts time, we know it’s tempting to cover our legs with long leggings instead, saving the time and occasional pain of depilation. And during the quarantine periods due to the pandemic, there’s also been a proven increase in the number of women who have made these rituals less frequent.

And while of course, hair removal is everyone’s own choice, if you’re one of those who feel most comfortable with smooth skin, we’ve got some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect it and how to do it right after the summer’s over!

If you prefer waxing

The autumn/winter season is actually one of the best times to wax. When waxing, you want to get rid of all the hairs, and the easiest time to do this is during the first stage of hair growth, not the last, when potential new hairs are already growing under the skin. And in the summer, we try to be smooth all the time, so it’s hard to wait. If you wax every 3-4 weeks or so, you can expect a much longer-lasting result.

And don’t forget that after autumn, Christmas and festive season is just around the corner, so it’s a good idea to prepare well in advance if you want to show off perfectly smooth legs in casual clothes.

And while we know it can still be hard to bring yourself to think about the pain of waxing, it’s good to remember that the more regularly you wax, the less discomfort you can expect gradually.

If you prefer to leave the shaving to your razor

If for no other reason, it’s worth shaving in the cold just to experience the wonderful feeling of fresh linen – freshly shaved legs. It’s a little harder to do this time of year, though, because as autumn sets in, skin is more prone to drying out and chapping – but if you make some changes, you can enjoy the fluffy-softness just as much!

Firstly – and this will be the hardest step to stick to – this time it’s best to skip a long bath before shaving – as this increases the chance of irritation. Better to include a long shower before shaving to soften the hair follicles with the warm steam.

The next rule may come as a surprise, but it’s especially important not to skip exfoliation. This won’t dry out the skin any more, but it will help the cells to regenerate, leaving a soft, shiny surface.

Finally, a good tip if you want to spend less time shaving: do it in the evening, not in the morning before work. This is because your legs swell slightly while you sleep, so in the morning the hairs will “climb back” into the follicles. This makes your hair removal less thorough, which can lead to more shaving than necessary.

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