We introduce the Sugar paste

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We introduce the Sugar paste

The X-Epil novelty is the X-Epil Sugar paste which is opposite the conventional methods remove the unwanted hair along the growing direction and this way it cause a more human, more effective and lasting depilation. The most effective depilation method is the waxing but incontrovertibly that is the most painful, too.

There is a new chapter opened in the world of depilation with the appearance of Sugar pastes and it will significantly change our sight of waxing. First we introduce the new method as follows:

What is Sugar paste?

Opposite to the misconceptions it is not wax. Until the conventional wax consist of pine wax, the sugar paste consist of water and monosaccharides. All ingredients are natural without any chemical, fragrance or coloring agent.

How does it work?

How does it work?


  • less unpleasant because just cling to the hair not to the skin.
  • the pasta is hypoallergenic, do not cause skin irritation, the sweet tooth ones even can eat it!
  • lasting because the hair is not tear on roots, this makes the smooth skin last longer.
  • the pasta temperature is the same as the skin, so it is not harm the skin with heat.
  • perfectly hygienic because no harmful bacteria can settle in it.
  • gently removes dead epithelial cells from skin surface with which prevent the overgrowth and the result is a long lasting smooth skin.
  • the pasta can be removed from skin, textiles and every other kind of surface with lukewarm water, not necessary chemicals use

To whom should be offered?

It should be offered to all who would like to have hair free smooth skin without pain for long term.  X-Epil Sugar paste is hypoallergenic, do not cause skin irritation, can be used by people with sensitive skin. It can be apply on the whole the body particularly advised on the intimate parts of body.

Using Sugar paste body hair really became less?

Yes, because it can remove the short hair, too, and we can make depilation in the growing section called anagen. During in this section made depilation harm the hair roots and in long term it became terifying.