Depilating sensitive skin

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Depilating sensitive skin

Using regularly the different kind of depilation methods can overburden the normal skin. If we have sensitive skin we have to pay more attention for the preparation and the care of skin afterward. It is matter which method will be used.

We give some tips for sensitive skin care.

Which method we should choose?

Good news that we do not have to resign any method of depilation because we have sensitive skin. We just have to be more careful to pick up our tools.

If we use razor, we have to pay attention that the blade should be sharp, and this way it is enough to get through once or max twice on the same area. We have to make sure that the razor has a cream strip steeped with calming cream e.g. Aloe Vera. Using shaving gel is advisable because it is lessen the skin irritation.

If the waxing is chosen then we use the enriched with Aloe Vera (X-Epil Aloe Vera cartridge waxset) or sugar paste avoiding skin irritation. If we use epilation then we should use it under water, because it is cooling and calming the skin. There are cooling cartridge variant which numbed the skin meanwhile epilating. In case of sensitive skin depilating cream supposed to be neglected, because the strong chemicals irritating the skin.

After epilation

After epilation we should use skin calming cream or pure vegetable oil , which clean the skin from wax when we used that. We may use clean Aloe Vera gel which cool the reddened skin. After epilation we should avoid sunshine or solarium for some days.