Skincare after depilation

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Skincare after depilation

Whatever method we choose for depilation it is worn out the skin. It is important to calm and regenerate the skin with special products. We give tips for preserve your skin as follows:

When razor was used it took out not just hair but the upper layer of skin also. We can regenerate the  skin surface and redness with Aloe Vera.

Calming the skin the best choice the Original Aloe Vera spray or Original Aloe Vera gel. Both products made by 100% stabilized Aloe Vera liquid which acid effect is calming and regenerating the skin.

If we keep the cream in the fridge we can have the cooling effect, too.

After waxing use X-Epil After waxing washing down oil. Carefully remove all remaining wax without further rubbing, not irritate the used skin. Products contain Aloe Vera are useful after waxing or depilating. Teatree oil is useful because of it’s demulcent and disinfectant effect or chamomile dressing for calming skin. Coconut oil, shea butter regenerates and hydrates the skin.

It has to be care of during summer that after waxing and depilating should not go on sun. The best is doing it at the evening. The next day should not have sunshining. It can cause skin burning or scabby. In these times someone should wear light long dress.

Avoid ingrown hair

The ingrown hair is not a nice sight and the infection can cause serious pain. When it happened, first it should be tried to rub it out from skin. If failed than turn into professional specialist. It should not be handled at home by needle because it can cause infection and permanent mark.

The ingrown hair can arise by predisposition or unprofessional depilation. E.g. Wax applied or pulled down from wrong direction. Avoiding ingrown hair we can use special cream or regular peeling. With these methods we made a lot preventing ingrown hair. If it is not working then useful to think about permanent handling, e.g. laser beam or flash technology which permanently solve the problem.