8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

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8 times Superbrands awarded X-Epil

X-Epil received Superbrands award for the 8th time

The Superbrands program was established by Brand Council in England in 1995. Today this qualifying system works in 90 countries all over the world. The award first appeared in Hungary in 2004.

The successful programme provides guidance for the general public and recognition for the award winner.

The reward system works as follows:

In the first round, Superbrands will use Hungary’s public data to filter out the consumer brands that are eligible for the award.  This pre-screening list will be supplemented by a rigorous, proprietary online survey and other data collection.

During the pre-screening process, the research team takes into account the brand’s communication and branding practices, activity, presence, positive or negative information about its image in Hungary, which are used to compile a list of brands for the Expert Committee members to evaluate.

After filtering, the Superbrands list is compiled and categorised according to the NACE code of the activity or service behind the brand.

The jury members who make the final decision take into account the brand’s tradition, history, market presence, public awareness, conscious innovation, brand strategy and brand building practices.

After reviewing and voting on these, we were honoured to win our 8th Superbrands Award with X-Epil.

We are proud!

The secret of the X-Epil brand’s success is its wide range, reliable high quality and great value for money. The best proof of the brand’s value is that it has been successful in several categories for more than 20 years in the hair removal market. In addition to hair removal products, X-Epil Intimate Hygiene products and X-Epil Pregnancy Tests are among the best-selling products in their category.

Varga Mariann the brand manager of X-Epil made a statement to Superbrands:

“I joined Alveola in 2000 and in the more than 20 years since then I have tried almost every X-Epil product without exception and have become an expert in hair removal.

The success of X-Epil lies in its wide range of products and the fact that it offers a solution for all types of hair removal procedures. I myself use a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted hair.

Our continuous development and stability are also due to our well-established partnerships, without it, our products would not reach the consumers. “